K-12 Op-Eds

February 8, 2022

Massachusetts teachers unions along with various ethnic and racial organizations are advocating for an Ethnic Studies curriculum in public schools similar to what now exists in California. The bill raises concern about the potential spread of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish content in our schools. 


November 26, 2018

In late September 2018, David Fleishman, Superintendent of Public Schools in Newton, Massachusetts, sent an email to every school parent offering reassurance that complaints about anti-Israel bias in the high school history curriculum were without merit. But even as Fleishman sought to quash the seven-year-long controversy over how Israel was portrayed in the 10th grade World History course, one Newton teacher was busily intensifying the bias in another course.


October 12, 2020

As we witness the dramatic transformation of Arab states from bitter enemies to peace partners with Israel, a generation of American students is being indoctrinated in the opposite direction by teachers promoting a retrogressive version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An example of this is found in a controversial course taught at Newton North High school called the “Middle East, Asia and Latin America” (MEALA) course. 


November 3, 2017

A roiling years-long controversy over anti-Israel bias in Newton public schools has received national attention, after CAMERA released an in-depth study of factually-false classroom materials used to teach the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam.While citizens have called for redress, it’s unclear whether city officials have grasped the intensity of public outrage about the issue – and done enough to rectify it.