CAMERA's experts provide assistance, address misinformation about Israel, and fight antisemitism in K-12 classrooms. We help students, parents, and concerned citizens recognize, document, and address classroom bias. We offer curriculum support and educational resources.  

CAMERA Education  Institute 

Our Plan of Action

We empower individuals and communities to counter bias in the educational system by:

1. documenting bias in curricula, textbooks, and literature

2. publicly exposing erroneous educational materials

3. providing accurate educational content

4. directly assisting parents and families facing prejudice

5. offering informational meetings, conferences, and workshops

Document what is being taught and raise concerns with the school system by:

What You Can Do

  1. Acquiring copies of classroom materials and documenting details of the problem.

4. Raising your concerns with school officials and school committee/board members.

2. Assessing the materials for factual accuracy and bias. CAMERA can assist in identifying bias and provide factual material.

5. Publicizing the issue in a letter to the editor and on social media.

3. Approaching teachers, department heads, and other officials courteously.

6. Filing a FOIA if you encounter a lack of cooperation or a refusal to address concerns and access of classroom materials.  

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