Film Reviews 


The World History Project has produced a series of short videos that utilize animation and incorporate humor with the aim of educating students on a wide variety of subjects relating to world history. 

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5 Broken Cameras is Palestinian film-maker Emad Burnat’s diary of his fellow villagers’ protest response to Israel’s security fence and to Jewish settlements on what he considers his land. Hailed as an artistic success, the film won an award at the prestigious Sundance Festival. 

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This blanket excusal of violence introduces Occupation 101, a film designed to evoke sympathy for Palestinians and contempt for Israel,  which is currently being promoted to schools, churches and activist groups. 



While Palestinians may get the most press, they are not the only refugee population in Israel. Between 1947 and the present day, more than one million Jews were driven out of their homes in the Muslim world. 



The 2001 documentary Promises examines the Arab-Israeli conflict through the eyes of seven children living in the Jerusalem vicinity, from both sides of the conflict. 



At a time when Israel’s legitimacy is increasingly challenged and overt anti-Semitism again menaces Jews, the Academy Award winning documentary, “The Long Way Home,” provides a powerful reminder of the heroic effort to re-establish the Jewish homeland in the wake of the European Holocaust.